Markets for Makers, Miami Design District, + Happiness | Vlog

One of the best memories I have from this year is a weekend in April spent with my mother and my sister. That weekend was one of the rare instances when I had minimal homework, nothing to study for, and a whole lot of big plans!

On Saturday we went to an amazing concert with my sister’s best friend. It was the first concert I’d gone to in a while and I felt so happy and (for once in my life,) carefree. There’s not much to say about that night other than it was two hours of great music and singing spent with some of the people closest to my heart.

On Sunday, my mom and I went down to Miami and spent the day at the Design District! Having lived in South Florida all my life, only 45 minutes away from Miami, I can’t believe I had never visited the Design District! If you live in Florida, definitely go!!! Be a tourist in your own city! Even if you have no interest in fashion or design, the entire area is like an artistic playground.

The reason we’d finally decided to go down to the Design District was the pop-up Markets for Makers that was opening in Miami for the weekend. A few months prior, my mom had seen an ad on Facebook about Markets for Makers and excitedly wrote the date on her calendar. Last year, we lived in New York City for a month as I attended a summer program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. During our stay, we tried to visit as many artistic landmarks/locations as possible and fell in love with the Chelsea Market. While I definitely loved trying the unique treats from the food stands (the tahini ice cream from Seed + Mill is to die for!), we kept going back to visit the Artists & Fleas market. Artists & Fleas started as a pop-up market in multiple locations around NYC designed to bring together the best independent artisans Brooklyn has to offer. Eventually, they established a permanent location within the Chelsea Market. Every other week, new vendors arrive making it a place to consistently discover new, emerging talent and creativity. When I came home, I tried as best as I could to find something similar in Miami. However, the markets here pale in comparison to those of New York. So, when my mom came across that Facebook ad, it felt like fate! So, on April 22, we woke up bright and early (exhausted from the night before) and drove down to the Design District for the first time.

The market was INCREDIBLE and exactly what I was missing at home! Not only was the location itself stunning, but the vendors, the products, and the atmosphere were all so inspiring. The market featured 108 different “makers”, 3 creative photo set-ups, and two full service bars. There was such a vast variety of products that guaranteed you would find something you liked. We spent about 2 hours perusing the stands and talking to vendors. Being there reminded me that there is creativity to be found everywhere. The atmosphere was so cheerful and there was such a strong sense of community that existed amongst both the vendors and the shoppers. By the time we left we had a tote full of treasures, tons of cute pictures, and smiles plastered on our faces!

We finished our adventure in the Design District by relaxing on the iconic Miami swings and eating tacos from Hot Lime at the St. Roch Market. After a great day of shopping, exploring, and eating, we made our way back home and enjoyed a chill Sunday night.

I will treasure the memories of this weekend forever. Not only because of all the fun adventures I had, but also because they reminded me of the importance of taking breaks and doing things that make me happy. As a student, I tend to be very obsessed about my grades and the quality of my work. That means that I spend most of my weekends locked indoors studying rather than spending time with my friends and family. I can’t do it anymore! I can’t keep limiting myself and preventing myself from having fun. Happiness is not a reward for hard work! It’s not something you should seek when everything else is taken care of. Life is busy and when you finish one thing, something else will pop up. If you prioritize everything else over your own health and happiness, then you’ll never find it! This was the main reason why I stopped posting over this past year. I kept prioritizing school and my grades over my own happiness and as result, I spent the entire year feeling so depressed and creatively stuck. It’s for this reason, that this weekend felt like such a monumental moment. It gave me a taste of completely free and genuine happiness. These two days allowed me to realize and admit to myself that what I was doing was completely unhealthy and from that point forward, I made it a personal goal to put more of an effort into making time for myself. Judging by the fact that I’ve relaunched my blog, I think I’m already improving 🙂

In August, I will be starting my senior year of high school. I don’t want to spend it cramped in my office studying! I want to make memories with my friends and family. I want to participate in all the senior activities. I want to enjoy all the lasts and all the firsts that are to come. I want to write more and share my experiences going through it all. Keeping this balance in our lives is no easy feat, but we all owe it to ourselves to try!

Everyone deserves to find happiness! The very idea is one of the unalienable rights our country was founded on! So, remember to smile more, laugh more, make memories, have fun, and don’t restrain yourself from being happy!  🙂



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Finally Posting Again! :)


It’s been over a year since I posted on my blog! Isn’t that crazy?! Over the past year, I found it really difficult to keep up with everything going on in my life. I needed to take a break from blogging and in that time I’ve completely changed the theme of my blog. So, R.I.P. Sincerely, Sarah Giselle and bonjour Sarah Giselle Blog! I want this blog to be more about me, my life, and things in my perspective. In other words, I want to let my personality show more even if it means slightly embarrassing myself 🙂

This past year has been the most amazing yet stressful one of my life. I started a fashion club, I lived in New York City for a month (more on that in the future), I went on an awesome vacation with my family, and I suffered through daily SAT test prep. There is so much that I wanted to share but realistically could not. However, I want those memories to be documented so I think I will be uploading retrospective posts in the near future (stay tuned)!

My first time crossing the Brooklyn Bridge last summer 🙂


My Fashion Club’s booth at the school’s club fair 🙂

I’m making it my personal goal to get back into blogging this summer. The last year has been so difficult and I’ve really missed having a creative outlet to keep myself sane 🙂 I can’t promise that I will upload every week but I will definitely be posting! I would rather take time to create posts that I am proud of than writing something halfheartedly, and of poor quality, just to say that I post weekly.

Also, I will be posting more regularly on my YouTube channel! If you want to see more of my life and my personality, then check out my videos! I have already uploaded a vlog and have another one on the way so make sure to subscribe to stay posted!

Well, that’s all for my re-introduction! All I want to say is thank you for reading and for sticking around! You will (finally!) be hearing much more of me!



Spring Brunch Inspiration Board

Hey guys!
I just made a new Polyvore Board inspired by springtime 🙂 I am obsessed with Polyvore. It is an incredible app that allows you to shop items or specific looks and create your own different look boards. I’ve decided to start using it more and posting some of the boards I create to show youguys my wishlists or give you guys look inspiration. I hope you enjoy the first of many boards!
Sarah Giselle
Spring Brunch

The Best Looks of New York Fashion Week 2017

Showing at New York Fashion Week is something every designer dreams of. Each show is packed with models, editors, cameras, lights, and excitement all buzzing around the unveiling of a new collection. My absolute favorite shows this year were Marchesa, Calvin Klein, Christian Siriano, Delpozo, Monique Lhuillier, Badgley Mischka, Monse, Zaldig & Voltaire, Michael Kors, and Alice + Olivia. All of these collections were nothing short of genius. With lots of sequins, feathers, graphics, black studded boots, and colors of every spectrum, These are my top looks from New York Fashion Week…


New York Fashion Week is such a great time to draw inspiration. Whether you care for fashion or not, there is no doubt you will find something that speaks to you.


Sarah Giselle

***Disclaimer: I do not own these photographs.

Travel Diaries: Mexico City, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Tulancingo


Mexico is one of my favorite places to visit in the world! Besides the fact that I have so much family there, it is such a beautiful country with fascinating history, culture, and traditions. From the busy and modern lifestyle of Mexico City to the ancient architecture, narrow callejones, and history rich Guanajuato, Mexico is an incredible diverse and unique country.

My visit began a few days before Christmas, and ended on New Year’s Eve. It was a nine day trip packed with lots of car rides, family, and sight-seeing. Though I’m no stranger to the country, there is so much I’ve not seen. So, we decided to take a bit of a road trip during our stay there and visit the following places: Tulancingo, San Miguel de Allende, and Guanajuato! 🙂

I arrived in Mexico City at around 11:00 at night and it was pretty cool outside! I decided to go with this outfit to travel because it’s comfortable, chic, and you can easily add layers when you leave the Florida heat and enter the Mexican cold.

Turtleneck Top: Zara

Jeans: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Coat: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Sperry Top Sider

Bag: Kate Spade New York

Foldable Travel Backpack: Henri Bendel

By the time we finally left the airport and got to my grandparent’s house, it was pretty late at night. However, the excitement of seeing my family definitely woke me up! We spent about two hours chatting, unpacking, and eating a midnight snack. It’s simple memories like this that I’ll always remember. 🙂

We finally crawled into bed at around 2:00 a.m. and slept until pretty late the next morning. That day was spent packing our bags with what we needed for our road trip and seeing some family before Christmas. 🙂

Our first destination on our road trip was to Tulancingo! Each year that we spend Christmas in Mexico, our family always meets in Tulancingo where my great aunt lives. We began our festivities on Christmas Eve and throughout Christmas Day. On the 25th, we made sure to go to mass in the Cathedral and explore the beautiful town center. Tulancingo, though usually small and quiet, is so alive and electric during Christmas! As Mexico is a predominantly Catholic country, every holiday is widely celebrated, especially Christmas. The churches were packed, there were people meeting with friends and family in the town center, the ice skating rink was full to capacity, and the atmosphere was full of love and joy! Tulancingo holds such a special place in my heart and will always be my favorite place to travel to for the holidays. 🙂

On the 26th of December, we left Tulancingo and drove to San Miguel de Allende! I was especially excited for visiting San Miguel because it is my grandmother’s hometown. After all my years of Mexico, I had never visited the lovely city, but I was quickly overcome by the same charm and beauty that has historically enchanted artists and poets from all over the world. The city is absolutely stunning. The roads are made of cobblestone. The architecture is so ancient and intricate and truly Mexican. Everyone is so happy and welcoming. It is truly a city full of life and color. I loved seeing where my grandmother was born, the church where she was baptized, and eating in a restaurant owned by my family! It was such a perfect day and I would’ve given anything to stay longer (a day is not long enough)!

What I got for Christmas 2016!



As Christmas has recently passed, and this holiday season is drawing to a close, I thought it would be fun to show you what I got for Christmas! However, instead of writing a long post and showing you pictures of everything, I decided to make a video and uploaded it to my YouTube channel (feel free to subscribe :)) so I could better show you all the things that I got. So, if you would like to see what I got for Christmas, watch the video above or go to my channel 🙂

I just want to say that I am so thankful for everything I got for christmas and for my wonderful friends and family. I love them all so much and cannot express how much I appreciate everything I’ve been given 🙂

Thank you guys so much for reading. I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to take on the new year!

Lots of love!


Sarah Giselle

The end of 2016: Christmas, New Years, and everything in between!


Hello everybody and happy 2017!

I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written but I felt like I needed to take a break and really be in the moment during the holidays. As I’m writing this, 2016 has officially ended and 2017 has begun. I’ve just gotten back from a lovely trip to Mexico where I went to spend Christmas with my family (more on that in another post,) and visit some beautiful places. I had such a nice time and I feel so much more relaxed going into the New Year!

This holiday season I really wanted to spend time with people in my life that I don’t get to see very often. In doing so, I tried to enjoy every moment and not really worry about collecting lots of pictures (sorry not sorry). I’m so glad I did, however, because I got to enjoy and partake in all the activities that I would’ve been going crazy over trying to capture otherwise and make such fun memories. I love my family so much and I loved spending the holidays with them 🙂 As you might know, I spent Christmas in Mexico and came back home on New Year’s Eve to see in the new year with great friends of ours 🙂 I’ve been so happy these past few weeks and I hope I can carry these memories and feelings with me into the new year and my everyday life.

I hope you all have had an amazing Holliday season and an amazing 2017! I love you all so much and am so thankful for your support. I wish you all a (somewhat belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sarah Giselle

5 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope all is well and you are finding yourself in good spirits during this holiday season! It is easy to get swept up in the magic of it all and forget the mundane tasks of life. Unfortunately, this means we sometimes forget or put off doing things such as shopping for presents. As Christmas is around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to show you my top five picks for any last minute shopping you might have to do!


This first gift idea is extremely affordable and can serve as either a stocking stuffer or a main gift. This is the NYX Simply lip cream set! It comes with three different chubby lipsticks that are super moisturizing and are great for long lasting wear! I personally think that they are great quality lipsticks for a drugstore brand and they make an amazing gift. You can purchase this set online from urban outfitters or from most local superstores, such as Target and Walmart, making it a perfect last minute gift!

The second gift idea is a bit pricier but totally worth it if you’re looking for a nice present for someone dear to you. This is my current favorite pair of shoes… the Zara leather slides with a bow! They are so chic and are comfortable plus they’re made of real leather. They are available to purchase both in store or online so you can get them pretty fast (just in time for Christmas)! 🙂


This next item is a great gift for practically anyone! This is a mini phone tripod! It is such a useful product that can be gifted to both men and women as it’s not gender specific. These tripods can come in a variety of prices but most are very inexpensive. The one pictured below is the Promark Photo Tripod. You can order this online for approx. $10 from target or purchase it in store 🙂

The next gift is great for anyone who likes photography or fashion. This is the Kate Spade New York: places to go, people to see book. This is the perfect coffee table book filled with photos of the lifestyle of a Kate Spade girl. The book is sold both online and in various bookstores. The book is so much fun and is guaranteed to make you want to pack a suitcase and see where life takes you.

The final gift is inexpensive, simple, thoughtful and handmade. I received this gift from my sister for my previous birthday and I can honestly say it is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. 🙂 Using simple copy and paste or downloading templates, you can design somebody their very own personalized magazine cover! This gift allows you to get your creative juices flowing and show somebody how well you know them. You can laminate the page or frame it like my sister did. All in all, the magazine cover can end up costing little to nothing and is super easy to create making it a great last minute gift. 🙂

I hope this gift guide helped you and gave you some inspiration for any gifts you may have left to buy 🙂 However, don’t stress too much about finding the “perfect gift”. After all, the holidays are not supposed to be about the gifts. They’re about celebrating religious significance in your life and surrounding yourself with those you love.

Enjoy this holiday season and the eve of the new year!

Much love 🙂


Sarah Giselle

p.s. These are the links for the products featured above…

NYX Simply lip cream set:

Zara leather slides with bow:

Promark Photo Tripod:

Kate Spade New York: places to go, people to see book:


Travel Diaries: Cruising in Princess Cays and Grand Turk


Welcome to my first “Travel Diaries” post! I recently went on a cruise to Princess Cays and Grand Turk on the Royal Princess. I absolutely adore going on cruises. There is always something fun to do and interesting people to meet. I went on a four day cruise the Saturday after Thanksgiving with my family and had such a fabulous time! It felt so nice to take a break and be completely disconnected from all the craziness and responsibilities of everyday life.

Sailing Away!


Top: Zara
Sunglasses: Kate Spade NY

The first day was spent exploring and unwinding. We got on the ship and went to our room to sit on the balcony and watch the ship leave port. It felt so great to feel the sea breeze and leave the business of the city behind into vast empty waters.


Shoes: Coach

On the second day, we arrived at Princess Cays. I decided to stay on the ship and enjoy it while every one was at port. It was so nice to have the ship to myself as I read and explored. Later that evening, we got all dolled up for the formal dining night. We took lots of pictures and had a nice family dinner.

Bathing Suit: Kate Spade NY

Sunglasses: Kate Spade NY

The third day, we arrived at Grand Turk! We got off the ship and went to the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. The water was so cool and crystal clear (a great relief from the burning sun!) 🙂 The temperature was so warm that I nearly forgot it was November!  It felt almost magical to be in such a beautiful and isolated place.

The final day was bittersweet. It was amazing being on the ship the whole day and really enjoying it fully. However, it was sad coming to terms with the fact that it would soon be over and the next day we’d disembark and head straight to school and reality. My sister and I spent the day together playing golf, watching movies, and swimming. It was the perfect end to the perfect trip! 🙂

I am so grateful to have gotten to spend my Thanksgiving break with my family traveling to such beautiful places. I am blessed with a great life and I will be forever thankful for everything I have 🙂

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break! I’m so thankful for you guys and my blog. Feel free to comment below and subscribe to my blog for updates!

Love you all!


Sarah Giselle

Giving Thanks!


Thanksgiving just passed and I feel so happy and excited. This time of the year is always the best; there is so much love and cheer!

I spent last week with my family and I had such a great time. We spent the day watching the parade, cooking, eating, and cleaning (so much cleaning!) 🙂 It’s these days that make you realize what is really important in your life.

Thanksgiving Day Outfit: Top- Zara Skirt- Francesca's Shoes- Coach
Thanksgiving Day Outfit:
Top- Zara
Skirt- Francesca’s
Shoes- Coach


I’m so thankful for everything that I have. I’m thankful for my family, my friends, and my ability to get an education. I am thankful for the constant support and encouragement from my loved ones that give me the strength to do the things that challenge me most. I’m thankful for the the basic necessities of life, such as food or water, that I often take for granted. I’m thankful for movies, books, and music that have always been my escape and sense of inspiration. I am thankful for the people who have valiantly fought for freedom everywhere. Their bravery in the face of terror is an inspiration to all. I am thankful for the fashion industry for being the place where I feel I belong. I am thankful for my parent’s endless love, support, and wisdom. I know they will always be there for me and I am eternally grateful. Finally, I am grateful for my blog for giving me a place where I can share my thoughts in a space that I’ve created to be completely mine; and for my readers. I would not have this blog if it wasn’t for you 🙂  Thank you!


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I can’t express how grateful I am for you! Thank you all so much for reading and being so supportive. I could not be doing this without you 🙂

Sending lots of love!


Sarah Giselle

p.s. I would love to hear about your Thanksgivings. Feel free to comment on the post and subscribe for updates 🙂 Love you!